Wheels On The Bus! +More Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Mummy takes Ollie on the bus with Mia and friends. Ollie starts crying so the passengers play peek-a-boo to comfort him. Ollie starts smiling and they all laugh and play! But suddenly, Ollie drops his toy. His face falls as it rolls to the back of the bus, so Incy uses one of his many arms to rescue it for him. SUBSCRIBE for new Little Baby Bum videos every week!►https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleBabyBum?sub_confirmation=1 Little Baby Bum Music ►https://littlebabybum.lnk.to/music Little Baby Bum is a fun and educational show for kids featuring classic and new nursery rhymes and loved by babies and their parents all around the world. Through the magic of rhythm and rhyme, Little Baby Bum world comes alive. Sing along with 6-year old Mia her family and friends in a world where animals can dance, buses are friends and rainy days are never boring. ►New Little Baby Bum videos weekly! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0VE_cI7-AYQFhRgzn_slFoCvD7wefqkh ___________________________________________________________________ Playlist: 00:00 Wheels On The Bus V18 (Babies On The Bus) 02:12 Take Me Out To The Ball Game 03:44 Round And Round The Garden 05:23 Sports Day Song 06:52 Pease Porridge Hot 08:20 Color Planes 10:05 Mary Mary Quite Contrary 11:46 Hey Diddle Diddle 13:55 Wheels On The Bus V17 15:50 This Little Piggy 17:25 Wheels On The Bus V10 19:13 I’m Hungry, Munch Munch Munch 21:01 Nursery Rhymes Going Wrong! 22:32 Sing A Song Of Sixpence 24:02 Hop, Skip And Jump 25:46 Sleeping Bunnies 27:30 The Farmer In The Dell 28:42 Animal Sounds 30:58 Lucy Locket 32:35 London Bridge Is Falling Down 34:18 Wheels On The Bus V11 36:12 Daisy 38:27 Splashing in Puddles 40:08 Looking After Baby V2 41:59 The Color Train Song V2 43:45 Skip To My Lou 45:16 Wheels On The Bus V12 47:08 This Old Man 49:51 Eat Your Vegetables 51:19 Number 10 Song 52:49 Dinosaur Song 54:23 Day And Night Song 55:59 Clap Clap Jump Jump 57:31 Mia Had A Little Dog 59:09 Splashing in Puddles Lyrics: The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round. Round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round All through the town Mommy puts the car seat on the bus seat On the bus seat. On the bus seat Mommy puts the car seat on the bus seat All through the town Now it’s time to buckle seatbelts Buckle seatbelts. Buckle seatbelts Now it’s time to buckle seatbelts All through the town The baby on the bus goes wah wah wah Wah wah wah. Wah wah wah The baby on the bus goes wah wah wah All through the town The adults on the bus play peekaboo Peekaboo. Peekaboo The adults on the bus play peekaboo All through the town People on the bus they laugh laugh laugh Laugh laugh laugh. Laugh laugh laugh People on the bus they laugh laugh laugh All through the town A baby – whoops! – drops its toy Drops its toy. Drops its toy A baby – whoops! – drops its toy All through the town Here’s your toy. Oh thank you Oh thank you. Oh thank you! Here’s your toy. Oh thank you All through the town ___________________________________________________________________ ►Wheels on the Bus and other vehicle songs playlist! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0VE_cI7-AYQO-ZDrKeJDDtt-tQ5IaeuW ►Educational baby cartoons and songs playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IMLmO7ingY&list=PL0VE_cI7-AYQegyb6BQOVJ6kIzs7GOT-C Watch new and classic Little Baby Bum shows on YouTube. New week new fun and exciting song to learn along with other favorites like The Wheels on the Bus, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Rain Rain Go Away, ABC Song, Ice Cream Song, Wash Your Hands, Five Little Ducks, Ten Little Buses, and many others. #LBB #LittleBabyBum #MoonbugKids Website ► https://www.littlebabybum.com Facebook ► www.facebook.com/LittleBabyBum Instagram ► www.instagram.com/littlebabybum/ ___________________________________________________________________ Little Baby Bum friends: ►Go Buster! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSVXccy7bFWZDnledg0SSSB4o7PB6tAJ9 ►Lellobee City Farm! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhjDwGFkBk-_sGvoKevSISQZ5eTzCB7Gg ►Digley and Dazey! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJAmPvPYOOqeC4aZNSxPqZ6Dwf1olvKT2 ___________________________________________________________________ © El Bebe Productions Limited – part of LittleBabyBum

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