HELLO & Welcome to my channel! I’m Carolyn, mom to twins babies, Summer & Winter! Today’s video is a FLY WITH US! Join our family as we travel internationally to Germany and take our twin babies on their very first flight! We are flying to Germany and spending a month there for the holidays! Things are different this year but we are remembering the most important thing, FAMILY ️ Happy Holidays friends! Happy travels! If you haven’t subscribed yet, join the fam! Subscribe! Watch our Family Travel Playlist! Learn more about Carolyn at: INSTAGRAM: @SummerWinterMom TIKTOK: @SummerWinterMom CAROLYN ROSE MUSIC – I am a mom & singer! Listen to my album, Your Heart Sings Out on ITunes, YouTube, or Spotify! – My original music! **MY TRAVEL PRODUCTS SHOWN: Mountain Buggy Bag Rider Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller Bugaboo Stroller Travel Bag Bag Scale for Packing Baby Play Mat Baby Headphones Ktye Baby Sleep Bags made of Bamboo Medela Bottle Sanitizing Wipes Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Fruit, Vegetable, Berry, & Vegan Omega Capsules (and shakes!) – These help me stay healthy & have energy while traveling & being a twin mom! **WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: ⭐️ Family Travel Playlist ⭐️ Tips For Flying With Babies | Flying During Covid ⭐️ Cleaning Motivation Playlist ⭐️ Pregnancy Playlist ⭐️ Recipes Playlist ⭐️ VLOGMAS PLAYLIST ** VIDEOS COMING SOON: VLOGMAS – NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY OF DECEMBER UNTIL CHRISTMAS! NEW YEAR PRODUCTIVITY | STARTING 2021 ** Music Credits Music sourced from Epidemic Sound. About this video: Flying during covid vlog, traveling during corona virus, flying with a baby during covid 19, flying with an infant during covid, Twins’ first plane ride, twins first flight, Twins first plane ride, baby’s first plane ride, air travel during coronavirus, Hacks for traveling with toddlers, hacks for traveling with babies, Flying with babies, Denver airport covid, Frankfort airport covid, flying with a baby, baby’s first flight, twin babies, flying with an infant, flying with twins, travel with me, travel vlog, family travel, flying with kids, flying during corona virus, flying during pandemic, flying during covid, travel during covid, covid19 travel, covid-19 travel, flying with kids, traveling with kids, travelling with kids, family travel video, family travel, travel family, mom of twins, twin toddlers, twins, babies’ first flight, what to pack when traveling with babies, how to pack for a trip with a baby, flying with twins, international travel during covid, flying Lufthansa during covid, Lufthansa airlines, air travel during pandemic, Vlogmas, christmas 2020, holidays 2020, travel 2021, twin mom, vlogmas video, mom vlog, mom life, travel vlog, summerwintermom, mom of 2, mom of two. Disclaimer: My content and associated information may contain affiliate links – these are links to products I believe in and would recommend. If you choose to purchase through any of my links, I appreciate your support and thank you!

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