the sick and twisted reality of mommy blogging

Go to today to get 15% off your new favourite phone case! Thanks again to Casetify for sponsoring today’s video 🙂 the sick and twisted reality of mommy blogging Hey everyone welcome back to my channel! today we’re going to be checking out a community i’m sure you’ve heard of but probably haven’t paid too much mind to as of late- the mommy blogging community! some of you guys might remember hearing about that corner of youtube thanks to scandals from youtubers like Myka Stauffer who returned her adopted son after vlogging the entire experience online and using him in advertisements or Nikki Phillippi after she admitted she halted an adoption in Thailand after finding out she legally wouldn’t be allowed to vlog her baby for a year. I thought in this video we could take a more general look at the community to try and understand why what feels like such a controversial corner of youtube is still so popular right now and whether anything good can actually come from it. Plus I thought it’d be interesting to look into why this is such a popular genre in the first place beyond just being a viewer, but actually creating the content and choosing to share so much of your child’s life online with millions of strangers. Some of you guys might be thinking that mommy blogging and family channels are interchangeable and I’d definitely agree with you to an extent, there’s definitely a lot of crossover but I think that there’s a slight difference in the approach. I almost feel like mommy blogging tries to position itself as the more refined and “mature” take on family vlogging, where there’s less clickbait or shock value… or fake pranks. It’s also usually more the mom who’s the front and center voice relaying her experience with her children versus including the entire family as a “brand” and the videos tend to lean more into the lifestyle category versus vlog. But just because they may try to be more refined than family channels, doesn’t mean they’re exempt from getting into their own drama and controversies. I think children on youtube has always been a heated topic so it’s no surprise that mommy blogging isn’t typically looked at in the best light by the general internet. I don’t have a ton of experience with the genre as a viewer since it just isn’t the type of content I’m interested in so I was curious heading into this video what the content would be like and why people were so obsessed with it, I think I at least understand the appeal now and hopefully if you were in the same position as me before watching you’ll have a better idea by the end of it too or tbh if you have a different opinion i’d love to hear about it in the comments! hopefully you guys enjoy the video, i know this topic can get pretty tangled up so i’m curious to know what you guys think about the situation and how you think mommy blogging will turn out in the future – see you in the comments! OH also if you want to keep up with my videos you can click the notification bell to be notified every time i upload and ofc subscribe if you wanna see more from me! appreciate the support as always see you sooooon 🙂 // Socials~*~*~* Follow Me! IG: caseyaonso Tweet me! Twitter: caseyaonso Spotify: caseyaonso Subscribe!! // Editing! edited my mockspade, isabelledotjpeg and myself! 🙂 // Other videos you might like! hustle culture is an absolute nightmare → tik tok made “i’m not like other girls” trendy again… great → netflix turned our worst wattpad nightmare into a movie… → a definitive ranking of influencer scams → exploring the world of toxic ships → what happens to youtubers after they “expire?” → definitively ranking the crimes of matthew morrison → tik tokers made a kidz bop version of love island… → the return of wattpad’s greatest disaster… (after we collided) → love island US is a train wreck i cant look away from → the tik tok POV community is a disaster → exploring the world of youtuber scams → let’s explore the NEW worst family channel on youtube →

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