Psycho Mom Kicked Me Out On My Birthday

Check out our channels in your favorite language Spanish Russian German French Our second channel Story Time Animated 2 My life as a teen was pretty cool. I never had to worry about money, had loads of friends, and did pretty well at school too. Some people said I had it all, all except a dad of course. My dad passed away when I was 12, leaving me and my mom alone, though comfortable. But before I continue, please take a second to like this video and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. Thanks a lot! Every morning was similar. I woke up 6AM sharp and went on a run. I’d run a block or two, then swing by the bakery around the corner from our building to get my mom’s breakfast. When I approached my building I saw a woman at the entrance. She was ringing my doorbell and mumbling under her breath. I tapped her on the shoulder and said I was the owner of the apartment, and to my surprise she suddenly hugged me! She then took my face in both her hands and said “My son!”. I heard a record scratch. Son?! I didn’t have a mom! I’d been alone since my dad died! She started telling me about how she left my dad ages ago and only recently found out that he died and her son was alone. I felt bad for her, she made me uncomfortable but then she started crying. I didn’t feel like I had a choice but to let her come in and stay in the guest room. I did lock the doors when I left though, so if she was just a thief, she couldn’t get out. All I knew about her was that her name was Tiffany and she was apparently my mom. After that, “mom” just sort of started… living with me. It was really weird. I decided to just accept it, though. Even if it was really strange and sudden. I continued to go to school, and one day I was at the cafeteria with my friends, watching my crush from far away. She was sitting at her usual table with her artsy friends. She never noticed me, but her friends always saw me staring and had such judgy eyes all the time. My best friend Tanya caught me staring, and asked “Griffin, why can’t you just talk to her?”. All I had to do was to look at Tanya and she knew the answer. Because my crush was way out of my league. “Well, what if you threw a party?” She asked, before explaining “It would be the perfect opportunity to talk to her” She said. It sounded like a great idea, only problem was my mom, I guessed. Did I have to ask for permission? When I got home, I thought I had entered the wrong apartment. Everything looked different! Mom had replaced all the furniture, all the paintings, absolutely EVERYTHING. I figured that the best way to ask permission would be after a nice dinner, so I started cooking after I recovered

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