My Mommy is a Super Mommy!

Come play with Ollie and his family as they learn to appreciate their Mommy for being amazing! Plus check out some more of our playtime songs! Click here to subscribe! ▶️ If you like this video check out Digley and Dazey’s Channel and subscribe!… Fun Learning Songs at Ollie’s Preschool Playhouse | Kids Cartoons | ABCs and 123s Playlist… Check Out Our Healthy Habits Playlist! Good Hygiene and Health Songs | Bubble Baths and Cleaning For Kids | Nursery Rhymes and Songs For Kids… Click here for Ollie’s Favorite Songs… Click here for all of Ollie and Friends’ Adventures… Check Out Ollie’s Sing-along Episodes… My Mommy Is A Super Mommy 0:00 1, 2, What Shall We Do? 2:02 Dress Up (Princesses, Pirates, and Planes) 3:59 Rain Rain Go Away – Playing in Puddles with Friends 5:58 Itsy Bitsy Spider 7:58 Learn Rainbow Colors 9:57 Baby’s Got A Boo Boo 11:53 Ocean Lullaby 13:53 Getting Dressed 15:52 The Vehicle Sounds Song – Bus, Car & Truck 17:48 Christmas Ice Cream Song 19:49 Work Work Work 21:49 Super Hero Mom Song – Christmas Special 23:48 Sick Song 25:46 Wash Your Hands 27:47 Yes Yes Vegetables Song 29:44 Apples and Bananas – Learn Vowels – ABCs and 123s 31:37 This Is The Way – Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies 33:40 Baby Shark – Dance Together! 35:37 Splish and Splash – Baby Bath Song 37:32 This Is The Way – Bedtime Routine for Kids 39:35 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 41:30 Bedtime Song 43:30 I Love My Family Song 45:29 Baa Baa Black Sheep 47:21 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed 49:13 ABC Phonics 51:12 Learns Shapes Colours and Numbers – Finger Family Muddy Puddles Song 53:30 5 Little Ducks 55:30 Driving In My Car 57:33 Are We Nearly There Yet? 59:31 Thank You Song 1:01:17 Lyrics: My mommy cares for me when I am sick sick sick She makes me feel better very quick quick quick She makes all the grey clouds go away Yeah she really knows how to brighten my day I really love my mommy and I want to say I think she’s the best in every single way So I wrote a card to let her know She’s a super mommy, yes a superhero! My mommy makes me happy when I’m sad sad sad She makes me giggle and then I’m glad glad glad She makes all the grey clouds go away Yeah she really knows how to brighten my day I really love my mommy and in my eyes She is a superhero dressed in disguise She’s always around to save the day I don’t worry when my mommy’s on the way So come on everybody let’s all cheer cheer cheer Cos mommies rule the world and they’re all here here here So boys and girls shout out to let them know know know That they’re all super mommies and we love them so ! #playtime #play #love #supermommy #soccermom #mom #appreciate #thankful #thanksgiving

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