Maternity Leave: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about maternity leave in Ontario and British Columbia and what you need to know about paternity leave in British Columbia and Ontario, on the Employment Law Show with employment lawyer Lior Samfiru. Discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about employment law in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta on Season 4 Episode 6 of the only employment law show on TV in Canada. ️ ️ 1-855-821-5900 (Toll-free) *FEATURED ON THIS EPISODE…* 0:00 – Intro ► 2:04 After working 11 years at a company, an individual was asked by a large retailer to work for them. She accepted the offer. 2 years later she was let go by the larger retailer when a new manager took over. She was offered 3 weeks’ severance based only on her last 2 years of work. Is that a fair severance package? ► 5:33 A caller from – A relative was fired from a charitable organization and offered a small amount of severance pay. When he asked for more severance, the severance offer was withdrawn and he was provided with nothing. What should he do next? • More on Severance Pay rights here: ► 8:31 POCKET EMPLOYMENT – I was just terminated for cause after an argument with my manager. They wanted me to work on a project with a colleague, but I told them it would more than double my workload. The said they had no choice but to fire me due to “insubordination”. After 3 years with the company, shouldn’t I get a second chance? • Use the Pocket Employment Lawyer for Termination For Cause: ► MATERNITY LEAVE & PARENTAL LEAVE in Ontario and BC: Everything you need to know • Who qualifies for maternity or parental leave? – 13:51 • How long can a maternity leave or parental leave last? – 15:12 • Can you change the end date of your leave? – 16:06 • Can you be let go because you need to take a leave? – 17:18 • What are an employee’s rights at the end of the maternity or parental leave? – 18:32 ► 20:22 A caller from – After spending the last few years on a disability leave, I now feel ready to return to my job in I.T. Unfortunately, the company has a habit of firing people right away after they come back. I’ve been there 16 years. What are my rights? • More on the employer’s Duty to Accommodate: • Use the Severance Pay Calculator Now: ► 24:00 A caller from – My wife is due to give birth in a few weeks. She just received a letter from work asking employees to choose between a relocation to a new office or a severance package. The company said they’re only going to pay one week per year in severance. She’s worked there for 14 years. • Learn more about relocation and Constructive Dismissal: • Learn more about Wrongful Dismissal here: ► 26:01 – I was fired from my job after HR learned that I brought marijuana to work in a travel bag. I never planned to smoke it at work and have never been high at the office. I also have a clean discipline record. Can they just let me go like that? Can I be fired for bringing marijuana to work? • More on Termination For Cause: ——– ► Before you call a lawyer, use to find out if you might have a case: ► Calculate the amount of severance pay your are owed with the Severance Pay Calculator: ► Denied Long Term Disability? We Can Help. Find out more: Toronto employment lawyer – Vancouver employment lawyer – Ottawa employment lawyer – Calgary employment lawyer – More about the Employment Law Show here: Watch the Disability Law Show here: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: #EmploymentLawShow #SeverancePay #SamfiruTumarkin #EmploymentLawyer

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