Today I’m sharing my eco maternity capsule wardrobe! OPEN ME! ______ Hello from 38 weeks! According to a friend, I currently look like I swallowed a basketball. Which, don’t worry, I find particularly hilarious. However, since baby bump is a bit more bulbous than it was before, I’ve had to curate a wee maternity capsule wardrobe that has been workin’ wonderfully. I learned about the beauty and practicality of a maternity capsule from the best – i.e. Chloe. When my bestie was pregnant over four years ago, she had a handful of maternity dresses and skirts and just wore them on repeat. She always looked smashing, and I bet all her maternity wear can fit in one shoe box. Of course she’s one of my minimalism role models anyway, but I was definitely inspired to one day embody this paired down plan when it was my turn to be preggers. The day has come (obvs) and I’m reveling in the joys of having only a few maternity pieces, and also reveling in not being able to wear the rest of my closet – it’s like I’m on a clothing fast from my usual attire diet, and it’s fantastic. Getting dressed in the morning is a cinch (well, especially since the weather’s been warm,) and I love how easy breezy my mini wardrobe is. Why Build a Maternity Capsule? There’s absolutely no better time to do a capsule wardrobe than when you’re pregnant! Having a few key pieces to turn to that go with most other pieces and that are versatile is the answer to preventing clutter, and overwhelm. Because, c’mon… no one wants to end up with a closet full of maternity wear at the end of nine months destined either to either collect dust, or to be sold for a fraction of its value on Facebook marketplace. (And who has time for that anyway?) I guess the best case scenario is that you want future children, and then it can decorate your basement or attic shelves… but even then, we never need as much as we think we do, do we? So pregnancy is the perfect time to invest in a few quality pieces {…} Read more on the blog! xo Ann #ecomaternity #maternitycapsule #capsulewardrobe _______ Mentioned: Armed Angels’ Navy Striped Dress is a few years old, check out their other dresses/skirts here: Isabella Oliver 3/4 Sleeve Black Dress: (Use code VEGGIE15) Isabella Oliver Black Tank Dress (Use code VEGGIE15): Isabella Oliver Black Pencil Skirt (Use code VEGGIE15) : Storq Anytime Overalls: Storq Full Cup Nursing Bra: Storq 3-Piece Lounge/PJ set: Boden Skirt: No longer avail 🙁 Derby “Flat Cap” Hat*: Will’s Vegan Shop Short Trench Coat*: Target Maternity Jeans: (Size down) Learn more about Capsule Wardrobes + Minimal/Eco Fashion: More Magnifique? Sign up for my (almost) weekly newsletter where I share that I don’t share anywhere else: Other videos you might enjoy: Best Vegan Sweaters: ⭐️ Let’s be friends! ⭐️ ▸ blog | ▸ instagram | ▸ facebook | ▸ twitter | Want to send me something in the mail? God bless you! VEGGIE MAGNIFIQUE LLC 1465 Woodbury Ave PMB 303 Portsmouth, NH 03801 USA ___ ⭐️ M U S I C ⭐️ YT Audio Music Library ___ ⭐️ A B O U T ⭐️ Hi, I’m Ann – the health coach and wellness advocate behind Veggie Magnifique! Veggie Magnifique is all about wholesome vegan living. Here we talk all things: holistic well-being, minimalism, eco-living, nutritious and delicious plant-based recipes, and tips and tricks for a healthier and happier life. Veggie Magnifique believes that a healthy body and mind is the first step in creating a truly successful and fulfilling life, and a better world for all of us. * denotes an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase something using our link that we get a very small commission. Hooray! Thanks so much for supporting us if you choose to do so! Of course EVERYTHING that we promote we 100% love and stand behind.

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