When you unbox a Series 5 (Makeover Series) LOL Surprise Lils, you could get a lil pet or a lil sister/brother! See who Aubri finds inside the little hair roller containers and stay tuned for more L.O.L. Lils videos. #lolsurpriselils #lolsurpriseseries5 ************ Welcome to Aubri’s World! Aubri is a 5-year-old girl who loves to play with toys & have fun. ************ LOL Surprise SERIES 5 LILS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Makeover Lil Sisters Brothers Pets Opening | New Boys: ************ More of our #lolsurprise videos: NEW FUZZY PETS UNBOXING | LOL Surprise Makeover Series 5 Opening | L.O.L. More Raccoon + Skunk Pets: UNBOXING LOL SURPRISE FUZZY PETS | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Opening | Warm Heat Color Change: Unboxing GOLD LOL SURPRISE FUZZY PETS | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Rare Pet | Glitterati LOL Pets: LOL Surprise FUZZY PETS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Opening | STEM Club Raccoon Color Change: Unboxing More LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 Pets Opening | Gold Rare Found: FIRST FULL UNBOXING! New LOL Surprise Series 5 FUZZY PETS | Opening L.O.L. Makeover Washable Pet: LOL Surprise FUZZY PETS Checklist Reveal | L.O.L. Series 5 Makeover Full Set Sneak Peek | Wave 1: LOL Surprise Lil Sisters + Don’t Rock the Boat Pirate Ship Balance Game | L.O.L. Lil Sis All Series: LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets Sneak Peek | L.O.L. Makeover Series 5 | New Washable Pets: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS GET WET | L.O.L. Makeover Series What Happens to Doll Hair in Water: NEW LOL SURPRISE MAKEOVER SERIES LILS | L.O.L. Series 5 Full Set Wave 1 Checklist | New Boys: New LOL Surprise FINDERS KEEPERS FULL SET | L.O.L. Mini Dolls + Chocolate Egg Candy: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS FULL SET | L.O.L. Makeover Series 4 Wave 3 (Series 5) All Real Dolls: LOL Surprise SUPREME PET UNBOXING | L.O.L. Lucky Luxe Ultra Rare Pet Pony Farm | Limited Edition: ULTRA RARE LOL SURPRISE #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING! | Opening L.O.L. Bhaddie Series 4 Wave 3 (Series 5): Unboxing LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS | L.O.L. Opening SK8R GRRRL Series 4 Wave 3 | Series 5 Makeover: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING SPLATTERS | L.O.L. Opening Series 5 (Series 4 Wave 3) Twins: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Opening Her Majesty Hair Goals Series 5 + Series 4 Wave 3: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS FIRST FULL UNBOXING | L.O.L. Series 5 + Series 4 Wave 3 Opening: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS REAL DOLLS FIRST LOOK | L.O.L. Series 5 ? Series 4 Wave 3 Color Changes: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS FULL CHECKLIST REVEAL! | L.O.L. Makeover Series | Series 4 Wave 3 + Series 5: LOL Surprise Sneak Peek Series 5 #HAIRGOALS + Series 4 Wave 3 | First Look at New L.O.L. Dolls: LOL Surprise WAVE 2 BIGGIE PETS UNBOXING | L.O.L. Opening Spicy Kitty, Cottontail QT + DJ K9: LOL Surprise UNDER WRAPS FULL SET WAVE 1 + WAVE 2 | L.O.L. Series 4 Lil Sisters Family Reunions: LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS First Look | L.O.L. Series 5 or Wave 3 Eye Spy | Dolls w/Real Hair (No Wigs): LOL Surprise Under Wraps Wave 2 FULL BOX OPENING | L.O.L. Full Case Unboxing All 12 Eye Spy Capsules: LOL Surprise BLING SERIES FULL SET | L.O.L. Holiday Dolls Complete Collection | Christmas Glitter: LOL Surprise BLING SERIES HACK! | Super Easy L.O.L. Ball Color Tip | FIND GOLD EVERY TIME!: LOL Surprise Under Wraps Wave 2 FULL SET | L.O.L. Series 4 First Look Real Dolls: LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets FULL SET FAMILIES | L.O.L. Eye Spy Pets Wave 1 + 2 Family Reunions: LOL Surprise Series 4 Lil Sisters FULL SET | L.O.L. Wave 1 + Wave 2 Complete Collection Eye Spy: LOL Surprise FASHION CRUSH FULL SET | L.O.L. Series 4 All New Fashion Crush Outfits: LOL Surprise COMPLETE COLLECTION: ALL SERIES | L.O.L. Full Set Series 1 2 3 4 Big Glam Glitter: LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps FULL SET | L.O.L. Eye Spy Tots Complete Collection: ************

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