Kids Fun TV – Who You Gonna Call? The Fun

Who You Gonna Call? The Fun Squad! Music Video on Kids Fun TV! We are so excited to show you another new channel music video cover song, “Who You Gonna Call? The Fun Squad!” We hope you love it as much as we do and that you’ll join the Fun Squad, dance to the music and sing along! Thanks to Jazzy Skye, Jack Skye, Kade Skye, Kalia Skye, Kyler Skye, Brandon Skye and Sarah Skye for their amazing singing talent in this song! We had so much fun singing and filming this fun video. Here at Kids Fun TV, we love to do official music videos, cover songs and music videos! Thanks for watching! Did you like the song? Which of the jokes and sneaky jokes did you like the best in this video? Thanks so much to Daddy Fun Squad, Brandon Skye, for his amazing creativity in re-writing the words to this awesome cover song! Special thanks to Becky Willard for helping produce and record this awesome song! Thanks to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for their awesome filming location! To hear a short message from your favorite Fun Squad member (Jack, Jazzy, Kade, Kyler, Kalia, Mom, Dad or the Fun Squad Villains), call here (free call, nothing to purchase): 501-FUN-KIDS (501-386-5437) Who You Gonna Call? The Fun Squad! Check out our other awesome Official Music Video called: Come Join the Fun Squad, by Kids Fun TV: NEW Fun Squad MERCH: SUBSCRIBE Here SUBSCRIBE To Our Family Channel Here Watch More Videos : Most Popular: Music Videos: 🦸 SuperHero: 🤣 Sneaky Jokes: Movies Recreated: Check Out Our Other YouTube Channels Here: ► Fun Squad Family: ► Jazzy Skye: ► Jack Skye: ► Kade Skye: Official Fun Squad Website: Follow Us On Instagram: Fun Squad: Fun Squad Family: 🤩 Kids Fun TV 🤩 Kids Fun TV, also known as the Fun Squad, is a family friendly, fun adventure channel by the Fun Squad Family. FUN is their superpower! Whether it’s a funny skit or sneaky jokes, the kids fun tv family (mom, dad & kids) choose to be happy! The children love to play fun characters: a superhero, a spy, a sneaky ninja or a spy ninja. The fun squad will make you laugh as they recreate movies, solve a mystery, compete in girls vs boys games, play jokes, play ninja games, act as a super hero, share a birthday or a toy. The Fun Squad Family are skilled singers and spread optimism through: a music video, a cover song or an official music video. Watch the funny kids of the fun squad (Jack & Jazzy (twins), Kade, Kalia and Kyler Skye) with their exciting, unique personalities. The kids are the superheroes of fun! The Fun Squad motto is: Never Grow Up! Come join the Fun Squad by watching family fun videos for kids and for people 13 and older. Welcome to the kids fun tv channel! Email for business inquiries: Email for fan mail:

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