How to Measure Nursing Bras or Maternity Bra fitting Guide

how to measure nursing bras How To Measure Your how to measure nursing bras With A Tape Measure! In this video I will help show you how to navigate around the key points to considered when measuring your Maternity bra size or Nursing bra size at home. When buying Maternity bras or Breast feeding bras online it can be difficult to ensure you get the sizing correct, I have produced this video to give you bra fitting insights for soon to be moms. I will explain how you can reduce the chance of bra fitting mistakes or issue that will force you to have to return your next online nursing bra purchase for a bra size issue. During this maternity bra fitting guide I will introduce some common issues and try and show you the best way to measure your bra size. You will need the following items to get the best results: * Tape measure * Pen, * Paper * Your Best fitting bra without padding * Calculator. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a lingerie store and have a bra fitting expert provide you with lots of breast feeding bra options. When visiting a lingerie store you will get help and advice, so you can choose the perfect size bra for you. The increase and ease of online shopping like at , many more ladies are buying bras online. With our nursing bra measuring video you can find comfortable and supportive bras that can give you great lift and support in your perfect size. As a trained bra fitter I will explain what tips you can use to measure your bra size at home and while this is not as perfect as trying them on instore with a trained bra fitter, these key considerations with help to reduce the chance that you will need to return your lingerie purchases. When you are pregnant or during your pregnancy you have to deal with bra size fluctuations and bra sizes changes. We are all different and when it comes to Measuring the size of maternity bras, buying online can give you a wider selection of options. We all have different bras sizing issues and to enable the most personalized fit we have provided some key indicators to help you navigate. Using the information in this video will give you the tools to but the most comfortable and supportive bra for different occasions. We would appreciate your Comments below and I would love to hear what you are wearing and if you have any more questions. Camera Gear Used for Filming: Canon M50 Camera: Camera Lens: Ring Light: Rode Mic Memory Card: White Board: White Board Markers: Art Work: DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week! If you like this video please Like and Subscribe, it really helps my channel. If you think that this information could be helpful to others please share. If you want to purchase any of the popular bras for during you pregnancy, you can find the links below to each of the bras: the Freya Pure Underwire Nursing bra : The Anita Basic Nursing Bras : More options are available here : Website: Please visit the following for more information on how to measure nursing bras with a tape measure: Follow us on: Facebook at: nicolacrookonline Instagram: nicolacrookonline

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