How to Claim Maternity Benefit in ESIC?

Exertion HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides a single roof solution for management of payroll, statutory compliances, taxes, human resources, and other legal responsibilities with the skilled team. We provide the best payroll services including salary payments, tax withholdings, deductions etc., by monitoring employee time and attendance, setting up and making individual employee-wise adjustments of leaves / holidays / shifts, calculating payroll taxes with legislative deductions, providing electronic payroll records to employees and employers and by ensuring compliance with all state & federal laws governing payroll. We also conduct standard or specialized training sessions for your staff whenever there are changes to the CPF rules, taxation and your employee benefit programs followed by organizing visit to your office to arrange in-house training sessions or have a hands-on consulting session with the management & staff. We at take a leadership role in developing and updating policies that are designed to maintain regulation compliance backed by establishing procedural guidelines. Our duties also involve gathering reports and paperwork that is required to demonstrate that the respective organizations follow the applicable regulations. Our responsibilities include maintenance of records, preparation and filing of returns & payments, liaising with various authorities, license application, amendment, renewal compliance services, handling dispute cases and resolution, compliance services also cover exemptions, nominations and monitoring of contractor and sub-contractor compliances, accident coordination, consultancy and guidance on statutory compliance and handling the long-pending legislative notices with respective departments. We even manage accurate tax processing and tax filing, which require in-depth knowledge of the various tax laws to mitigate risks involved in implementing different tax procedures. This task is handled by our professional partners for various taxes & returns by ensuring registration with the necessary local authorities, calculating corporate income tax returns and other relevant taxes, preparation and submission of tax returns to local authorities, management of tax audits (as applicable), guiding you through the process with relevant authorities and by offering direct access to our local experts, enabling greater understanding of local taxes, notices and assessments. In order to decrease your burden of arranging extra personnel or compromise on your work force just because it is exceeding your head count, Exertion HR Contract Staffing services surpass exploring the most competitive and flexible work force for you on temporary or contractual basis with the taking responsibility of hiring and firing decisions, issue paychecks, withhold payroll taxes, temporary employees who will stay on our rolls, standard contractual procedures that we will handle, payroll and personnel administration, statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration, employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes, and social Security for the employees serving in their client’s locations of business. We are an innovative recruitment agency that has been finding talented staff for Indian businesses having an energized team of experts that work together to find the best talent in market for your organization. Our services consist of the major duties like compliant with your screening and interviewing requirements, communicate with clients to get a clear view on their hiring needs and organizational goals, research into clients company, communicate with clients to determine their hiring needs, develop and implement strategies based on clients’ needs, research into competitors and market place, define job description and document specifications, identify prospective candidates using a variety of channels, create a candidate persona for each open position, conduct confidential interviews, follow-up references and check credits, present shortlisted candidates, present detailed candidate profile summaries, build long-term client relationships, research and develop recruiting leads and develop a sustainable candidate lead strategy

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