Frozen 2 Show Yourself

LIMITED EDITION ALBUM on-sale now: All proceeds help fund our non-profit organization. Make a donation to support children’s voices here: Show Yourself by One Voice Children’s Choir featuring Lexi Mae Walker. Six years ago this month the One Voice Children’s Choir was introduced to the world through a viral video of Frozen’s “Let It Go” featuring a then very young Lexi Walker. This video commemorates our journey through the last six years as we’ve celebrated local, national and global recognition. With the help of aerial artists and a huge team of supporters, we captured the earth, wind, water and fire elements from the movie, Frozen 2! Support OVCC Donate | Patreon | Shop CDs and merch | Follow One Voice Children’s Choir YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website | TikTok | ==vv==vv==vv== Lyrics: Every inch of me is trembling But not from the cold Something is familiar Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold I can sense you there Like a friend I’ve always known I’m arriving And it feels like I am home I have always been a fortress Cold secrets deep inside You have secrets, too But you don’t have to hide Show yourself I’m dying to meet you Show yourself It’s your turn Are you the one I’ve been looking for All of my life?Show yourself I’mready to learn Ah———-Ah———- I’ve never felt so certain All my life I’ve been torn But I’m here for a reason Could it be the reason I was born? I have always been so different Normal rules did not apply Is this the day?Are you the way I finally find out why? (Chorus Repeat) Come to me now Open your door Don’t make me wait One moment more Oh, come to me now Open your door Don’t make me wait One moment more Where the north wind meets the sea Ah ah ah ah There’s a river Ah ah ah ah Full of memory Come, my darling, homeward bound I am found Show yourself Step into your power Grow yourself Into something new You are the one you’ve been waiting for All of my life Oh, show yourself Ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah a ==vv==vv==vv== “Show Yourself” Words and Music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez Arranged, Produced, Directed and Mixed by Masa Fukuda Studio Musicians: Guitars: Rich Dixon Violins: David Price Viola: Melissa Draper Soloists (in order of appearance): Rosie, Jefferson, Jacquelyn, Yuchen, Lexi Walker, Savannah, Ellie, Breanna, Adelin, Chloe Produced and Directed by: Kathie Steinagel, Darla Day Assistant Directors: Christian Busath, Kim Delgrosso Videography & Editing: RJ Idos Assistant videographers: Nik Day, Morgan Steinagel On Site Sound Support: Robert Wyss Wardrobe Design and Assistance: Kim Kienow, Fashion Weeks of Utah Wardrobe: Emily Childs and the OVCC Wardrobe Team Graphic Design Artist: Green Owl Design, Clarissa Douglas Craft Services: Aerial Artists and Dancers: Earth Spirits – Heidi Butterfly and Elise, Water Spirit – Matisse and Becca, Wind Spirit – Christina, Fire Spirit – Baron, Fire Artist – Mandi Johnson, Fire People – Abbie and Loganne, Ice People – Anna, Ally, and Maya ==vv==vv==vv== SPECIAL THANKS TO: Evermore: Special Thanks to Ken Bretschneider and Sean Reyes for giving us the most magical venue to film in! Christian Busath and the staff at Evermore – Thank you! Steve Gewandjan, Kyler Reicch, Crystal Sapp, Rachel Lamoreaux, Sierra Evans ==vv==vv==vv== Sheet music for songs arranged by Masa Fukuda can be purchased at #OneVoiceChildren #OVCC#ShowYourself #Frozen2

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