Doctor Adley removes Stitches!! Brave Mom & Kids surprise me

learn more about my surprise!! THANKS JENNY and DJI — Best Stitches Day Ever 1161 Today starts of as a complete surprise to me. Jenny as a surprise from me and she recruits Adley and Niko Bear to help her, only problem is, they can’t find me. It’s like i’m unintentionally playing hide n seek with them. The look all over, even in the basement where we build forts. Finally they decide to call me and surprise, I was doing my morning routine but now I’m right behind them lol. Jenny shows me that they have a gift for me, but Adley tells me “If you want your present, you have to help mom remover her stitches!” Jenny recently had a mole removed and had to get stitched up and I guess they are ready to come out. But I don’t want to do this, that’s what doctors are for!! After some convincing, and wanting to find out whats inside my surprise, I get ready to remove Jenny stitches. After a few miss fires and with the help of the kiddos, we get them all out!! It’s time to unbox my surprise and with the help of Niko Bear and Adley we discover that Jenny got me the brand new DJI Mini 2. With the help of our good buddy Trav, Jenny was able to get this drone from me before it hits the market. It’s something I’ve wanted for a really long time and I was thinking this was going to be a Christmas gift, I’m so happy that Jenny got it for me so we can play with it now. I’ve flown drones before, but this is probably the best beginner drone to learn more on. Plus it’s perfect for families, because its got an auto shooting mode as well as propeller guards that you can buy to keep everyone safe. Everyone is so pumped to go play while the drone records us. But first, we have some arts and crafts we need to do to make this drone our own. We head to the pirate island for the DJI Mini’s madden voyage. Adley finds us a good launch pad and into the air it goes!! I film the kids on the beach, some awesome shots of the pirate ship and the pump track and I head over the water out to unicorn island. I want to play and have family fun with kiddos, so I give my buddy Totes a call (he’s way into drones) and will be perfect to follow us around as we pretend play all over the lake lot. After Totes gets here and admires the new drone and it’s 4k camera, its time to start having some fun. We play on the park slide and swings, before we decide to play pirates where it’s Dad vs the kids for our pirate ship. After some truly epic sword battles, the kiddos capture me and throw me in jail. Luckily I find a way to escape and head off into the unknown, hiding from Jenny and Adley. They finally catch up to me and make me walk the plank aka fall backwards off our dock into the water lol!! I get pay back when i get out by locking Adley and Niko in jail and hugging Jenny aka getting here clothes super wet like mine. We then end the day having fun riding bikes and skate boarding on the pump track while the drone gets unique, never before shots of pirate island. What an amazing best day ever!! \\ Watch Adley’s last video: CRAFTS with ADLEY!! how to make a MERMAID, Paint a Turkey Hand, and Snowflake Snow! Family DIY fun — Watch yesterday’s Best Day Ever: BASEMENT LAVA FORT!! The Ultimate Kid Cave for Adley & Niko! SSG Rocket League & Shadow Hide n Seek — //// snag some sweet Spacestation merch — Find me on any social media @Shonduras!! Don’t forget to get UNICORN CATCH, Adley’s free app Apple — Google Play Store — Best Music Ever: Here’s some stuff we use: Camera: Wide Lens: Zoom Lens: JOBY Pod: Sweet Keyboard: *highfive* (leave a highfive in the comments if you read this far)

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