DIY Maternity Photo Shoot: How To Take Your Own Maternity

I’m so excited to share with you guys today’s video on a do it yourself maternity shoot and also these pictures! I’m talking all about how to set up the camera, the maternity photo shoot outfit I chose, how to pose for pictures, and more! Check out the blog posts below:) Click here to subscribe!: Please like and share this video if you enjoyed it:) SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER → —————————————-­­­————— WEARING IN THE PHOTOS» Maternity dress (10% off site wide with code HPY10): Pearl hairvine: Light pink silky robe: Necklace: —————————————-­­­————— BLOG POSTS MENTIONED» Beach maternity photos blog post: Intimate maternity photos blog post: Video on how to pose/look better in pictures: —————————————-­­­————— WHAT I’M WEARING IN THIS VIDEO » Dress: —————————————-­­­————— TIPS» 1. Take your photos between 30-36 weeks. I took mine at 39 weeks and that was risky! 2. For outdoor shoots, take your photos during the “golden hour”. That means one hour before the sun sets or rises. Having an overcast sky is best, but we didn’t get that lucky so we positioned the sun to our sides to as not to cast a huge shadow over our bodies or faces. 3. Learn how to use a self timer and tripod BEFORE you go to your shoot. This will save you a lot of annoyance when there’s people around and your dealing with the elements (wind, sun, etc.) 4. Plan your poses out ahead of time and pin them to a Pinterest board, referring to the board throughout your shoot to make sure you have all the poses that you want captured. 5. Practice your poses in front of a mirror by yourself and with your spouse. This will put you both at ease for the day of the shoot! 6. Be in a good mood! This sounds simple, but trust me, whenever Doug and I bicker it usually happens when we are taking pictures together. There’s a lot of stress that goes into getting the perfect shot because you have to work with the camera settings, sunlight changes, outfit mishaps, etc. So eat a good meal beforehand and come energized! BLOG → INSTAGRAM → SNAPCHAT→ hayleypaigeee TWITTER → FACEBOOK → PINTEREST → CONTACT EMAIL → —————————————-­­­————— »Use the code HAYLEYPAIGE to get one month of free designer sunglasses from »Use the code HAYLEYPAIGE to get a free mitt with any purchase from —————————————-­­­————— Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and my channel… »I married my college sweetheart on July 16, 2016. Watch our wedding vlog here→ Watch my wedding series here→ »We soon found out we were pregnant with our daughter Annabelle Rose. Watch how we found out here→ Watch my weekly pregnancy updates here → Watch her nursery tour here→ »I’m a full time blogger/vlogger and Mom! Watch my blogging series here→ I talk about a mixture of lifestyle topics on my channel and blog involving motherhood, marriage, parenting, fashion, and beauty!

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