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Let me tell you Maternity Pads and Pad Fixator are used during C Section and Normal Delivery. So, it is a must in your hospital bag and on the top of the checklist for hospital bag for delivery. Pad Fixator is specially designed to hold the Maternity Pads during post-pregnancy bleeding. Let it be normal or c-section you will need comfit wear. So, after c-section Pad Fixator can be an ideal use with Maternity Sanitary Pads. If you’re a first-time mom then you might be thinking and looking for what to pack in your hospital bag for Post Pregnancy or after Delivery or Labor, right. So, Maternity Sanitary Pads and Maternity Pad Fixator are must-have products for every new mom after childbirth. Because mainly after c-section, you will not be able to wear normal panties due to stitches but this product is going to help you lots. This Disposable Pad Fixator is soft and stretchable. It’s seamless, soft and stretchable waistband and does not disturb post-surgical stitches. They have designed in different size from small to extra extra large. This Disposable Pad Fixator packet will contain five numbers of pad fixator. This video is all about Unboxing of Maternity Pads for C Section and Normal Delivery for post-pregnancy. Specifications for Post delivery (Episiotomy & C-section) NewMom Type – Disposable Pad Fixator Color – Nude Color • Maternity Pad Maxi – The product has an absorption capacity of 850ml • Maternity Pad Medi – The product has an absorption capacity of 450ml Purchase Link :- Maternity Pads : Maxi single pack of 5 : 1. Maxi Single Pack of 5 : 2. Maxi pack of 3 : 3. Medi Pack of 3 : 4. Pad Fixator : 5. Pad Fixator pack of 3 : Plz, don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe, thank you for watching and happy pregnancy. SUBSCRIBE My First Channel ⤵️ My Second Channel ⤵️ INSTAGRAM ⤵️ FACEBOOK ⤵️ TWITTER ⤵️ Disclaimer: – This video is for informational purpose. This video is based on the experience gained through life and from different sources. Viewers are requested to use their own due diligence on any information perceived from this video, “Prega Life” takes no responsibility for the accuracy.This Video is created to share my personal experiences. As each pregnancy is different recommendations on this channel may not work for you. So, please consult your doctor before taking any medication before trying. #MaternityPads #HospitalBag #Padfixator #NewMomMaternity #pregalife #DisposablePadFixator #DisposablePanties #MyLifeMyExperience #subscribetosupport How to Use pad fixator,How to Use Maternity Pads,Maternity Pads India,Pad fixator India,Best Maternity Pads after Delivery In India,Whisper Maternity Pads India,Maternity Pads for C Section,How Many Maternity Pads Will I Need After the Birth,Maternity Pads Review,Hospital Postpartum Pads,Best Maternity Pads after Birth,डिलिवरी के बाद मैटर्निटी पैड या सैनिटरी पैड,Newmom Disposable Maternity Pads (Maxi),Newmom Disposable Pad Fixator,Sanitary Pads,Maternity Pad,Maternity Shopping,Maternity pads after delivery,Checklist for hospital bag for delivery

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