Dear Moms… This is your song. Share “Dear Mom” with your friends and loved ones and let’s make an impact. Thank you. Click here to listen: https://ingroov.es/dear-mom Follow DAX: thatsdax Shot by: Logan Meis Produced by: Lex Nour Beats #DearMom #Dax #mom #mothers #parents #mothersday Lyrics: (Intro) Love you ma It’s Danny Dear mom, dear mom I hope you know that this is your song Ye, Dear mom, everything you did was worth it all the sacrifices taken when the picture wasn’t perfect I could see it in your face when I was young and all your burdens are reminders to keep pushing when I’m working on this circuit I remember in the Canada cold delivering papers out the trunk when I was sick going door to door you used that God got me I was meant for more and that we was broke cause he was fixing what we had in store I remember that momma used to beat my ass Then I would be mad and crying while she worked a back to back Then she’d wake me up and tell me that I’d better get to class and then I graduated and she stood up and I saw her clap Mom we used argue now I know you were right Ima tell my kids the same to be in before street lights not to steal, do right, live, laugh, play fight and everynight pray to God on both knees with closed eyes everybody’s got a mom everyone relates to this there’s no way we can repay them for the things they all did this a message to the queens around the world who go to war and sacrifice to make a better life for all of their kids Tuesday night you would drive me to practice church on Sunday, midnight masses pushed me hard I couldn’t be stagnant kept me calm despite the madness you cooked and kept me fed then knelt and prayed beside my bed you’d whisper in my ear and I still hear those words inside my head mom knows best can’t talk back can’t disrespect can’t forget you held me in your stomach despite all the pain, all the stress can’t neglect laid the bricks to my success and dedicated all your time to make sure that I did my best Mom I hope you know this is your song I hope memorize and always sing along I hope you know I know you did your best and every single step you ever took was to assure I never did no wrong can’t nobody break this bond it’s infinite and then beyond and when they ask my reason I just say your name as my response my love for you could stretch across 100 seas and light a galaxy i’m trying to say that can’t nobody ever turn it off Mom thank you is not enough your the reason that I’m here and why I can’t give up, and every single time I fall and every time I’m stuck you call me knowing somethings wrong innately and you pick me up and even when we miles away I promise we’re not out of touch cause nothing can connect the world the way a loving mother does for all those double shifts I saw you work I never saw you fuss and that’s why when I’m tired I keep going cause I know must work to ensure you get the life you deserve dear mom you’re an angel so again I’m saying thank you for the memories and time I feels like heaven on earth and while I know I can’t repay you I just trying to say I’m grateful for your sacrifice and love and always putting me first mom I hope that you take these words and never ever have think about or question your worth for all your pain and your hurt for all your struggle and work Mom for giving me birth I want to say Dear mom this is a letter from ya son those 3 jobs you were working ya they probably wasn’t fun all the weight that you were carrying it probably weighed a ton so I made this song today to finally tell you that you done (Outro) Love you mom Dear mom, dear mom I hope you know that this is your song

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