Choking Baby / Infant First Aid

Updated for new 2020 AHA / ILCOR guidelines. Choking Baby / Infant First Aid training video by the CPR Certification Institute (Health Ed Solutions Authorized Training Center). Mark Dzwonkiewicz, the lead instructor from Health Ed Solutions, demonstrates the proper way of providing basic life support to a choking conscious infant. He touches on the following updated AHA and ILCOR guidelines: 1️⃣ Perform 5 back blows. Remember to place the heel of the hand right between the scapula. 2️⃣ If the obstruction doesn’t come out, cradle and flip over the infant with the head still down. Perform 5 chest thrusts, 2 fingers just beneath the nipple line and compress about 1/3 the distance between the child’s chest. 3️⃣ Look into the airway and check if you can see and remove the object. 4️⃣ If you can’t see and remove the object, perform 2 ventilations. Continue the cycle until the obstruction comes out or until help comes. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more video lessons from the CPR Certification Institute! Here is some more information about the CPR Certification Institute: As a Health Ed Solutions Authorized Training Center, CPR Certification Institute was created to achieve a simple goal — to make learning life-saving skills convenient and more accessible for both medical professionals and laypersons. Our commitment to providing robust training and testing options is the driving force behind our curriculum. Our courses are medically accurate, flexible, and engaging. Our online certification courses are created by board-certified medical professionals and reviewed for accuracy by the Health Ed Solutions Medical Review Board. Each practice test is uniquely generated, and every final exam is designed to ensure you have learned all of the skills to react when there is a life-threatening emergency. We believe that the more people who know life-saving skills, the more lives that can be saved. Our courses are created to benefit a wide range of people: high school students getting ready to graduate, nurses, physicians, medical techs, first responders, lifeguards, nursing home and daycare workers, and even the average layperson who might someday find themselves in the position of being able to offer aid during an emergency. Being able to administer appropriate CPR or First Aid care can mean the difference between life and death. Those who do not receive CPR immediately following a cardiac event rarely make it to a hospital alive. Your quick action could mean they have a greater chance of surviving. Our courses cover CPR and AED training, First Aid, Infant CPR, Babysitting, and Bloodborne Pathogens. We also offer the more advanced ACLS, PALS, BLS, and NRP certifications. It’s a small time and cost commitment to become certified, but it can make a huge difference in someone’s life. All of our certifications are 100% online and available from any mobile device or computer. Sign up to become certified today, and join the ranks of trained lifesavers across the globe! Visit our website for online certification and recertification courses, free learning resources, practice exams, and more. Get updates from our Social Media Accounts Please subscribe to our channel and like our videos. Click the bell icon and select all notifications to stay updated on our latest content! #ChokingBaby #Chokinginfant #CPRCertificationInstitute

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