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Secured lending as a way to create passive income

Secured lending is the practice of giving a loan to a borrower that is backed by collateral. You can make this a passive income source. Originally Found here

Different types of passive income sources to increase financial stability

It is important to have different types of passive income sources that bring in the money for you. Think diversification, peace and steady stream of income Originally Found here

Dangers of trading frequently and how it can dramatically hurt

Investing is all about patience, so the more you keep buying or selling the less you stand to make. here is a look into the dangers of trading frequently and how it can impact your portfolio, profits and peace of mind Originally Found here

Investing in Chit Funds: A Beginner’s Guide on how Chits

Here is a guide for beginners on how chit funds work, how to start investing in a chit fund and what to keep in mind to Originally Found here

6 Different Types of Personal Budgets

Personal budgeting can be categorized in a mutliple ways. Here are 6 popular types of personal budgets and budgeting tips for beginners. Originally Found here

Exchange Traded Funds

Heres a primer on what are Exchange Traded Funds, investing in ETFs for beginners, benefits and icomparions between Stocks &Mutual Funds Originally Found here

Google Opinion Rewards Review – Earn money answering Google Surveys

Here is a review of Google opinion rewards along with my experience making money answering simple questions on Google survey in India. Originally Found here

Atal Pension Yojana

Here is a detailed guide to Atal Pension Yojana, how to subscribe, eligibility to APY, tax benefits, contribution plans and more Originally Found here

5 Signs That You’re Ready to Invest in ETFs in

Here are a few reasons and signs that show you what you need to invest in Singapore Exchange traded funds (ETFs). Originally Found here

Guide to Investing for beginners

Investing is sadly not thought in schools. Here's a step-by-step guide to investing for beginners to start growing wealth from a early age Originally Found here

Gripinvest Review

Here's a detailed review of Gripinvest, a platform that allows you to earn tax free income from leased goods such as vehicles and furniture Originally Found here


Here is a list of the top 10 banks in India with details of their history, coverage, international presence and services offered Originally Found here

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