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Byang Raja – #Children Bengali film – 2005, starring Joydeep Sanyal, Shreya Bhadra, Sharmishtha Pauli & Others. Music of the feature film is directed by Shomu. The story is as Princess Sunayana was famous for her beauty. She was conceited of her looks. One day while playing with her friend she loses her favorite pair of gold earrings. In comes a human sized talking frog who promises to bring her back the earrings in exchange for her hand in marriage with him. The princess promises. However when the frog gets back she denies to marry him. The king intervenes. On hearing about the promise he says that the princess should learn a lesson and makes her marry the frog and banishes them from the palace to a hut in the neighboring village. The princess hates her husband and his ways. All her dreams of marrying his perfect prince is shattered. One day a mysterious old man comes at her hut and asks for food. She feeds him to satiety. He claims to free her of all her sadness and binds them tightly in a bag. Her commitment for her frog husband makes his enchantments wear away, and he becomes a prince. Thus, Princess Sunayana’s wishes are fulfilled and they live happily ever after. ► Watch Now!! All Bengali movie parts for Kids :: ► Click here to watch Bengali Kid’s Movie – Madhob Majhir Kalo Choshma :: ► Click here to watch more movies :: Angel Kids Most Popular Bengali Cartoon (Animation) Channel Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Watch more of your favourite Bengali Animation/Cartoon Stories Subscribe Now !! ► Official Website ► Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► Circle us on G+ ► Tumblr ► ———————————————————————————————————– kids,animation movies,animated movies,cartoon movie,kids cartoons,cartoons for kids,make a cartoon,new cartoon movies,cartoon films,cartoon animation,best anime movies,kids cartoon movies,make animation,new animated movies,cartoon movie list,animated films,cartoon movies for kids,children cartoon,animated cartoons,cartoon animation maker,cartoon for children,anime film,animated cartoon maker,bangla cartoon,movie animation,cartoon tv shows,kids animation movies,new animation movies,2013 cartoon movies,animation making,kids cartoons online,animation maker for kids,new cartoon movies 2013,watch animated movies,cartoon movie list 2013,movie cartoon,bengali cartoon,children cartoon movies,list of cartoon movies,good cartoon movies,animation movies for kids,all cartoon movies,animated cartoon movies,cartoon video youtube,top 10 cartoon movies,cartoon shows,cartoon kids movies,children’s animated movies,anime movies to watch,movie cartoon 2013,kids cartoon videos,all animation movies,new cartoon movies list,cartoon animation movies,kids cartoon shows,cartoon films for kids,cartoon kids,kids cartoon video,animated cartoon video,video animation maker,kids animated films,animated movies to watch,kids cartoon films,cartoon animation video,cartoon movies to watch,animated kids films,animation maker online free,the best cartoon movies,youtube animation movies,anime films to watch,cartoons and anime,animated films for kids,animated films to watch,cartoons for kids movies,cartoon animation films,free animation maker online,free animation maker for kids,kids movies cartoon,batul the great cartoon,kids tv s,cartoon movies for children,cartoon full movies for kids,animated children’s movies,best animation movies for kids,kids animation films,animated movies for children,animation maker free online,animation video maker online free,youtube shrek,best cartoon movies for kids,youtube video cartoon,animation creator for kids,film animation,animated cartoons for kids,cartoon video animation,animation movies for children,animation of cartoons,cartoon movie film,cartoon movies kids,animation and cartooning,kids animation maker,best animated cartoons,animation films for kids,free cartoon video maker,cartoon youtube movies,cartoon bengali,cartoons and animation,funny cartoon movies for kids,children’s cartoon films,youtube kids cartoon movies,youtube cartoons for kids,animated cartoon movies for kids,cartoon video maker free,youtube movies animation,animated cartoons kids,anime cartoon movies,online animation maker for kids,best cartoon films,kids cartoon full movie,free online animation video maker,anime movies on youtube,animated films for children,cartoon movies for boys,cartoon kids video,free animation creator online,good cartoon movies for kids,cartoon children’s movies,cartoon films youtube,animation movies kids,

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