Barbie Best Stories of 2020 with Barbie and Ken, Barbie

Barbie Best Stories of 2020 with Barbie and Ken, Barbie Sister Chelsea and Friends in Barbie House Watch more Barbie Stories @Princess Fun Place. Thank you! Please Subscribe! There are three the most popular Barbie videos of 2020. First is Barbie Sisters Prank Barbie and Ken in Barbie Dream House, next is Barbie Busy Day at Daycare with Barbie Painting Class, Skipper Babysitting, School Nurse Office, and the last is Barbie New RV and Camping in the Mountains with Barbie Sister Chelsea and Friends. Barbie Sisters Prank Barbie and Ken in Barbie Dream House Story: Chelsea Tricks Barbie and Ken Fun It is rainy morning and Barbie sisters, Chelsea and Skipper are still in bed. They are bored, so they are trying to figure out what to do. Chelsea suggests that they should make few jokes and prank Barbie and Ken. Skipper is excited! First, they put slime into a shampoo bottle in shower for ken and draw a spider in toilet paper for Barbie. Also Chelsea puts a toy frog in the pool and big real looking paper stains on the kitchen floor. Also, Barbie’s Sisters hide Ken’s car and mess Barbie’s bed. Ken and Barbie are tricked so many times, so they want to prank Chelsea and Skipper this time… Let’s see if Barbie’s going to Hawaii joke works… It is very busy day at Barbie daycare and preschool today. Barbie is having a fun painting class with her preschoolers. They are painting colorful bugs and insects and beautiful butterflies. In next door class, Ms. Amanda has a lot of babies to take care of. First the babies are fine playing and crawling and napping, but then they all start to cry and whine at the same time. Ms. Amanda is overwhelmed and call Barbie to help her. So Barbie leaves her students in the class to paint and come to help Amanda. Together, they soothe the babies. Some babies wants to be rocked in their toys, some are hungry, and one needs a diaper change. Barbie is exhausted, but all the babies in the Barbie daycare are happy. While Barbie is helping Amanda, little Sasha is trying to catch a bee and she gets stung by it. Barbie quickly calls School nurse and little student Sasha is rushed to the Nurse’s Office. The School Nurse takes care of the bee sting and calls Sasha’s mom to pick Sasha up early from school today. Little Sasha loves the funny bandage that nurse put on her boo-boo and she is excited to be picked up early. For Sasha, it is the best day in Barbie’s daycare ever! Barbie, Ken, Barbie and Ken, Barbie Sisters, Barbie and Chelsea, Barbie and Skipper, Barbie Dream House, Barbie Car, Barbie Story, Princess Fun Place, Barbie Pool, Barbie Room, Barbie Daycare, Barbie Babies, Skipper Babysitting, Barbie Stroller, Barbie Toys, Barbie Preschool, Daycare, Preschool, Barbie Nurse, Nurse Office, School Nurse, Barbie Painting Class, Princess Fun Place, Barbie Teacher, Barbie Camper, Barbie RV, Video for Kids, Kids Video

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