ADLEY got PiNK HAiR!! Ultimate Surprise for Mom & Dad

Jenny lost her phone in the snow!!!!!! we gotta find it! JOIN OUR FAM!! — Best Pink Hair Day Ever 1183 Ah, the morning! Nothing quite like it. Especially when you mix up the regular routine with some dinosaur toy pretend play. We all have some of Niko’s dino toys, Jenny and me battle Adley and Niko Bear for baby Navey. We want the super cute human baby! Adley come up with a plan for Niko to distract us while she sneaks around behind us and suprises us with a sneaky pillow attack to win. Grr those kiddos! Today, Jenny and are going on a mini day date. We are going to the mountains with some of Spacestation Gaming to go snowboarding!! We also are doing a photoshoot for some new SSG merch that is going to drop soon, so it’s a really good opportunity to do work, have fun, go snowboarding, and hang out with friends all in one! Shortly after we leave, Adley got to the story with her friend Alli to and they buy some stuff to prank mom and dad! They also buy a surprise gift for Niko Bear. The first prank the kiddos do is put my car keys in a thing of Jello!! while they are doing that, Jenny and I are having a blast up on the mountain. So nice to be out her. Only downside is when jenny falls and losses her phone. We all spread out looking for it. We find some chapstick but we are not sure we can find the phone with all the snow. After a few minutes of searching, Jenny digs through the snow and finds it! You know its a best day ever when you find a lost phone. As we head home, we get an update from the kiddos the Adley and Alli are dying their hair pink and blue!! What?! When Jenny and I get home, Adley plays hide n seek to jump out and scare us and show us all the pranks. We are in total shock with here pink hair! She the shows us my keys hahaha what is going on!! Adley and Niko bear grab spoons and help me dig out my keys before Niko puts on his spiderman mask and starts using his web all over the house. We grab some dinner, then have a very important race inside our house to see who is faster, cheetas or dinosaurs. I bet you can’t guess which kids is what animal. oh and surprise, Adley’s hair is really hard to get the pink out of lol! \\ Watch Adley’s last video: COPS vs ROBBERS – ESCAPE THE BANK!! Adley & Niko play a new Roblox game! Adley’s App Review pt 2 — Watch yesterday’s Best Day Ever: 102 YEARS LATER… Granny Mom and Grandpa Dad turn old! Family Snowball Fight & Heart Sticker Pox — //// snag some sweet Spacestation merch — Find me on any social media @Shonduras!! Don’t forget to get UNICORN CATCH, Adley’s free app Apple — Google Play Store — Best Music Ever: FUN WITH ADLEY: DAD’S SPACESTATION: FAMILY INSTAGRAMS: *highfive* (leave a highfive in the comments if you read this far)

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