【ENG SUB】Healer Of Children EP14│Chen Xiao, Wang Ziwen│Fresh Drama

Welcome to follow our Facebook→ https://www.facebook.com/FreshDramaTV Click to subscribe our Channel→ https://bit.ly/subFreshDrama More EPs click→《Healer Of Children》Playlist: https://bit.ly/3sY7KFQ Synopsis: Starred by Chen Xiao, Deng Ziang, rigorous and handsome, reliable and kind, was a highly skilled pediatrician, who was also known as “the Great Deng”. Played by Wang Ziwen, Jiao Jiaren was a girl who had been determined to be a pediatrician because of personal experience since her childhood. Under “Master”Deng’s “persecution” and peer pressure from excellent colleagues, Jiao Jiaren strived to work harder in healing every patient and grew rapidly. In the hospital where everyone’s job was heavy, Deng Ziang and Jiao Jiaren approached each other and became intimate… Episodes: 44 Genres: Medical, Romance, Life Subtitles: English [CC] Audio languages: Chinese Director: Yang Lei Starring: Chen Xiao as Deng Ziang Wang Ziwen as Jiao Jiaren Jia Qing as Gu Jiaren Yu Xiaowei as Xu Bingze Zhu Jiaqi as Wang Hang More Drama with English sub: 《Pretty Li Hui Zhen》https://bit.ly/37F17OZ 《Granting You A Dreamlike Life》https://bit.ly/3ixP0cK 《Attack It, Lightning!》https://bit.ly/3iRpvlx 《Ever Night》https://bit.ly/3hu9OkS 《Siege in Fog》 https://bit.ly/2SILP82 《Prodigy Healer》https://bit.ly/3gujFGO 《Men with Sword 2》 https://bit.ly/3cx45HW 《The Glory of Youth》https://bit.ly/3w63SDe 《Men with Sword》https://bit.ly/3uOhhzk 《Special Arms S2—Blade Edge Drawn》https://bit.ly/3eG0vvz 《Ni Chang》https://bit.ly/3ee6nfp 《The Legends》https://bit.ly/3wl2kpA 《The Centimeter of Love》https://bit.ly/2NLzqNZ 《Legend of Fu Yao》https://bit.ly/3bcBIyN 《Always Have, Always Will》https://bit.ly/3oVC0yq 《Twisted Fate of Love》https://bit.ly/369GE4G 《The Legend of Zu 2》https://bit.ly/3lkRPwK 《My Neighbour Can’t Sleep》https://bit.ly/38rxkLh 《Sweet Tai Chi》https://bit.ly/3jJ5kEX 《Love In Time》https://rb.gy/yjewrm 《To Dear Myself》https://rb.gy/bgyejh 《Knock on the Happiness Door》https://rb.gy/8jwvcp 《Blossom in Heart》https://bit.ly/2Wp8UeK 《NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG》 https://bit.ly/2VGvqye 《Love of Thousand Years》 https://bit.ly/2Qzt8zj 《Love Better Than Immortality》 https://bit.ly/34jkz1j 《The Story of Furong》 https://bit.ly/34Px70E 《Wuthering Heights》 https://bit.ly/2VKk0cS 《Our Glamorous Time》 https://bit.ly/2JAYmC1 《From Survivor to Healer》 https://bit.ly/2S0kSZX 《Ming Dynasty》 http://bit.ly/39obYMe 《Royal Nirvana》 http://bit.ly/327nDwh 《A Step Into The Past》 http://bit.ly/2WTdJKD 《Star April》 http://bit.ly/31CXqoC 《You Colored My World》 http://bit.ly/2P5h20b 《Mu Guiying command》 http://bit.ly/2LSePEr 《Journey to the East》 http://bit.ly/37AF7Ck 《Love Journey》 http://bit.ly/2KtdGmZ 《In Youth》 http://bit.ly/2LhAtSq 《Love Tribulations》 http://bit.ly/2QnQqZJ Subscribe to our: Idol & Romance Channel→ https://bit.ly/2IbXVPt Movie Channel→ https://bit.ly/2VcdWsa #HealerOfChildren #陈晓王子文 #了不起的儿科医生

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